• Geometrics of Evocation
    • acrylic on canvas
    • 48 x 36 inches
    • Bloodline
    • acrylic on canvas
    • 72 x 60 inches
    • A distance the thickness of gauze
    • acrylic on canvas
    • 48 x 36 inches
    • SOLD
    • Broken Boat
    • acrylic on canvas
    • 48 x 72 inches
    • Eight Strings
    • acrylic on canvas
    • 72 x 48 inches
    • Five cups
    • acrylic on canvas
    • 72 x 48 inches
    • The Gateway
    • acrylic on canvas
    • 72 x 60 inches
    • Nude Bars
    • acrylic on canvas
    • 36 x 48 inches
    • Rapprochement
    • acrylic on canvas
    • 48 x 36 inches
    • Convergences
    • acrylic on canvas
    • 48 x 36 inches
    • SOLD

Artist Statement

I am inspired and influenced by visual opposites: the clean lines of mid-century design and rough tribal objects, Art Deco elements and raw and primitive gestural marks. Also in the mix is an attraction to two-dimensional icons and occult symbols, rustic chapels, and altars. In process, I am also conducting deep investigations into color and exploring its dynamic power to affect the emotions and the role it plays in constructing narrative.

Themes in my work include connections below the surface, bridging seemingly impossible parts of our lives, mending our brokenness, confronting uncertainty, and the ways in which we visit the abyss and emerge from it with treasures.

A final work may resemble a long built-upon place of worship or gathering, a strange alchemical device, an abstract chapel, a prayer rug, or a crude sailing vessel–all of which share the common end-goal of transmutation.

Artist Bio

Alyson Khan’s multi-layered, hardedge, abstract compositions echo Art Deco and Mid-Mod aesthetics with a rough-hewn structure and down-to-earth minimalism. The humble end of this visual spectrum originate from Khan’s earliest memories of the simple symbols cut from colored felt and sewn onto church banners, and her grandmother’s hand-stitched quilts. Math-minded with a formal background in writing, her approach to painting is formulaic. The first marks she makes on the canvas are cursive-y scrawls that capture a mantra or question. “How long can you stay?”isthe query that initiated her painting titled “Bloodline,” an exercise in confronting the fear and uncertainty surrounding her husband’s open heart surgery.

She maps the initial chaotic writings with a loose framework that builds organically, layer-by-layer into specific and meaningful arrangements. The canvas becomes altar-like—an intentional space where things are placed carefully at the proper angle, with the right openings, and the indications of where to focus. The muted palette combined with earth tones and punches of intense color always includes black for its paradoxical effect that is both grounding and indicative of endless depth. Through this practice and process Khan gains a stable place from which to view and better understand the complexities of emotion and the workings of the psyche. The self-taught artist has been painting in Denver since 1999.

Selected Exhibitions


The Art Project – Lakewood, CO


Denver Designer Show House, Denver, CO

Amsterdam Kimpton – “Corridors” project, Amsterdam, Netherlands


Artwork Network – “Entice” Group Show, Denver, CO


Denver Designer Show House, Denver, CO


Space Gallery – 11 Year Retrospective Group Show, Denver, CO


New Denver Civic Theater Gallery – Light & Milky, Denver, CO

CORE – The Abstract Show (Juried Show), Denver, CO

Space Gallery – Aiming for the Seam, Denver, CO

Revoluciones Collective Art Space – Head Rest, Denver, CO

Rattlebrain Theater Gallery – Acts of Devotion, Denver, CO

Chance Operations Gallery – The Painting Show, Denver, CO

Space Gallery – Strung up after the Circus, Denver, CO

23rd Avenue Sculpture Gallery – Group Show, Denver, CO

Arts on Vine – New Visions through Old Windows, Denver, CO

Soulsciety Collective Art Space – Group Show, Denver, CO

Revoluciones Collective Art Space – Group Show, Denver, CO



BA University of Colorado, Denver

Art Students League, Denver

Crestone Healing Arts Center



Cleveland Pinecrest (for Kalisher)

Suites on Third, Champaign IL (for Metropolitan Gallery, TX)

VAIN Salon, Denver CO

Rattlebrain Theater, Denver CO


FLORA || FAUNA (Fall 2018)

5280 Home (Fall 2018)

Create! Magazine (Summer 2018)

Saatchi Art: Inside the Studio (Summer 2016)

Hommemaker Blog (Summer 2016)

Luxe Interiors (Spring 2016)